SUMIGIM's business approach may not be focused on maximizing profits in the shortest possible time

We do our best to prove that it's possible to run a successful business by prioritizing nature and people

We prioritize our oceans, life, and the Earth

SUMIGIM believes that the food that heals our bodies should also bring healing 

to the farmers who cultivate it, as well as to the lands and seas where it grows. 

In our commitment to the environment, we have introduced new facilities 

to reduce plastic production, chosen eco-friendly paper packaging boxes over plastic wraps, and contributed to funds that protect agricultural and fisheries producers.

Located in Gochang Natural Dream Park, SUMIGIM is known as a company 

that uses trusted and wholesome ingredients, prioritizing the environment 

over profit-seeking. We are dedicated to sustainable practices and making 

choices that benefit not only our consumers but also the planet.

Food should be a remedy that keeps our bodies healthy, 

rather than just a means to make money. 

SUMIGIM believes that the food we consume every day should act as medicine. 

We firmly believe that the journey to good health starts with what we eat. 

We conduct radiation tests four or more times a year to ensure the quality 

of our organic seaweed, which is grown with care. We use domestically produced sesame oil, perilla oil, NON-GMO rapeseed oil, and organic extra virgin olive oil in every sheet of seaweed, pouring our dedication and high-quality ingredients into each one.

We believe that every food-producing company should meticulously scrutinize each ingredient. Food should be more than just a means of profit; it should be a source of health for our bodies. That's why we are dedicated to using top-notch ingredients in our products.

Our salt, made in the pristine region of Goseong in Gangwon Province, is rich in minerals 

and free from microplastics. This commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our products.

We practice happiness together with a sustainable society

SUMIGIM values a sustainable society. The people of SUMIGIM are dedicated individuals 

who strive to do their best in their respective roles while collaborating harmoniously. 

As a member of the Sustainable Society and People-Centered Economy Network, 

'SAPENet,' SUMIGIM shares a common vision with  iCOOP Consumers' Cooperative 

and dreams of achieving happiness together.