Oranic Gim for Gimbab

Double-roasted organic seaweed, twice the aroma and richness for delightful gimbab gim

Package Quantity : 20g (10 sheets)

Oranic Gim for Veggie Roll

Triple-roasted organic seaweed, packed with delightful aroma, created for enjoying a lot of healthy vegetables in Veggie Rolls.

Package Quantity : 18g (10 sheets)

Oranic Gim for Traingular Gimbab with DIY kits

Easy to make and enjoy, double-roasted triangular gimbap seaweed, Oranic Gim for Triangular Gimbap with DIY kits.

Package Quantity : 20g(20 sheets), Triangle mold 1

100 sheets of Oranic Gim 

for Gimbab

Roasted organic seaweed, 100 sheets, for Gimbab.

Package Quantity : 100 sheets