SUMIGIM aims to demonstrate that prioritizing nature and people can lead to successful business operations

Since its establishment in 2017, SUMIGIM has not only prioritized the company's profits but also considered ESG management for the environment, the Earth, and people

The beginning of SUMIGIM's ESG management

In 2018, we initiated the production of lunchbox seaweed without plastic trays. 

We replaced the plastic handles of gift boxes with paper handles, 

and eventually, we replaced the outer packaging of twice-baked triangular 

Gimbap seaweed from plastic to paper. In our production process, 

we also transitioned internal equipment and utensils from plastic to stainless steel 

or paper, and our hygiene uniforms are now made of fabric.

In this way, we are not only using environmentally friendly raw materials 

but also improving our packaging and facilities to be more eco-friendly.

Furthermore, the seaweed farmers who cultivate the kelp are the custodians of the sea. 

Since the sea is essentially our farmland, they work diligently to clean it more than 

anyone else.

We express our earnest desire for a pollution-free ecosystem through our business practices.

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SUMIGIM's Actions to Reduce Carbon Footprint

December 2016

  •  Evaluation of biodegradable plastic and plastic packaging materials.

February 2018

  • Experimentation for replacing plastic trays.

March 2019

  •  Commencement of dosirak kim production without plastic trays.

December 2019

  • Production of dosirak kim with paper packaging replacing plastic.

September 2020

  •  Introduction of plastic-free trays in all products.

February 2020

  • Formulation and implementation of a microplastic-zero plan.

September 2020

  • Replacement of gift box plastic handles with paper.

October 2020

  • Release of 'Vegetable-Ssamulkim' to encourage vegetarian options.

October 2021

  • Transition of triangular kimbap kim external packaging to paper.

May 2021 ~ October 2022

  • Participation in monthly green working for carbon reduction.

May 2022

  • Installation of microplastic removal devices in Sumigim washing machines.

Recipient of the South Korean Minister of Environment Award

SUMIGIM was selected as a leading company in resource circulation in 2020 

and received the South Korean Minister of Environment Award.

SUMIGIM's efforts to reduce plastic waste, which began in 2018, have been recognized. 

As a result, by December 2022, SUMIGIM had reduced plastic waste equivalent 

to 100 trucks or the distance from Korea to India if we lined up the trays. 

The most significant achievement is seeing food manufacturing companies 

removing plastic trays and replacing plastic handles with paper handles, 

as reported in various news articles. 

Like the small flapping of a butterfly's wings can lead to a storm, 

SUMIGIM's small efforts have created such significant waves 

that our Earth's environment is gradually getting cleaner. 

This is undoubtedly our greatest achievement.

Companies Joining the Effort to Address the Climate Crisis

Companies Joining the Effort to Address the Climate Crisis, 

SUMIGIM Supports Consumer Climate Action. 

Consumer Climate Action is an organization that campaigns for and practices actions 

that can be taken now to address the climate crisis and its consequences.

SUMIGIM actively participates in and supports Consumer Climate Action's initiatives. 

Don't worry, every small action counts!

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